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Creating or updating your will can often be complicated, and making decisions on what happens to your possessions, money and property is never an easy conversation. A will ensures your assets are distributed to the people or causes that you care about in line with your wishes. Crossley can offer individual wills, mirror wills or non-mirror wills.

Will writing services we can offer you:

Single Wills Mirror Wills Non - Mirror Wills Will Holding Service
  • An individual will to reflect your own wishes.
  • Virtually identical wills for couples who reflect each other’s wishes.
  • For couples where your wishes do not match, effectively creating two different wills.
  • We can hold your will securely on your behalf to ensure that the will is not lost, unintentionally or accidentally destroyed.
  • Using this service will entitle you to a free update to your will every 3 years.

Our will writing service can take away added stress and give you piece of mind in providing you with everything you need. 

To find out more and have an informal chat about your needs, contact our will writing specialist Trevor Rose on 01634 840440 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..